Graeme recently asked the question “I am building a restaurant. Is a fire suppression system a legal requirement?” to our Ask The Expert on

Our expert answered as follows:

There is no legal requirement in the UK for a Fire Suppression System in a kitchen but you must carry out a Fire Risk Assessment by a competent person and they may require a system to be fitted. This is due to the high risk within the kitchen that requires the risk to be reduced and the safest way of doing this is with a Kitchen Fire Suppression System click here to see more.

Also, there is sometimes a requirement for a system by your Insurers, Fire Service, or Building Control Department all due to the high risk of fire within this type of environment. In some instances, Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems have been used to offset a risk such as a kitchen that is open to the diners and can’t protect the diners using Fire Walls and Doors.

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