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Fire Suppression Maintenance & Repairs

As a general rule, all fire suppression maintenance requires at least two maintenance visits per annum. Note this is a minimum, not a maximum, and depends on the environment, type of risk and individual customer requirements. More frequent visits may be required. During the visit, some checks we carry are as follows:

  • Agent Level
  • Pipework Integrity
  • Automatic Detection (including cleaning or replacement where required).
  • Sounders
  • Control Panel and associated Equipment
  • Room Integrity Testing

We also carry out a visual check of the protected area to ensure nothing has changed since the original design or last visit.

For Total Flood Systems only (room protection), a Room Integrity Test should be carried out annually, unless no new penetrations or holes have been made in the room since the last Room Integrity Test.

Repairs, Refills & 10 Year Testing

At Concept Fire Suppression Ltd, even though we choose reliable and high quality products above all else, things can still go wrong. Systems may require refilling due to a false discharge caused by user error or a fault.

On these occasions, it is imperative that the system is refilled as quickly as possible. Most of our manufacturers offer urgent refills following a discharge, and some even offer service exchange for Inert Gas, FM200, Novec 1230, CO2 and Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems. Full cylinders are delivered to site and the empty ones are picked up. This ensures a quicker turnaround than having to refill the cylinders that have discharged.

Also, all cylinders must be pressure tested to ensure they are still structurally safe to hold the required pressures within the cylinder. This must be done every 10 years, and to ensure the minimum downtime, we always provide service exchange cylinders without having to wait the minimum of 2 weeks whilst the cylinders are tested and returned. We can provide replacement service exchange cylinders for most manufacturers. Please call us for more information or click contact us.

Removal of Fire Suppression Systems

Systems no longer in use should be disabled, removed from site and disposed or recycled. FM200 systems are under the F Gas Regulations and therefore require special attention and should be recycled. But all systems are high pressure systems using a minimum of 24 bar up to 300 bar, and therefore should only be removed by suitably qualified engineers.

We are trained on most systems and have the facilities to remove and recycle all types of systems.

Concept Fire Suppression Ltd can remove any system for recycling/disposal including Halon, please contact us for a quotation.