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Data Centre Fire Suppression

Data Centre ServersData Centres are critical to the operation of all businesses whether you operate one or use one. Ensuring that they are not only protected from data theft or corruption but also from the physical effects of fire is essential.

Data Centre Fire Suppression Systems are no different from Fire Protection that is provided in a Server Room except the physical size of the rooms. Data Centres are usually must greater in physical size and therefore the Fire Suppression Systems are much greater in size.

Although this presents issues over Fire Suppression Agent storage (where am I going to store 30 cylinders) everything is relative. That is where ensuring you have all the facts is critical to a well designed Fire Suppression System but also a well designed Data Centre.

Fire Suppression Agents

There are three main agents used in Fire Suppression Systems for Data Centres Inert Gas, FM200 and Novec 1230. Each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages and it is best to know them all so that you can decide what is best for your Data Centre.

Inert Gas

Inert Gas Suppression System CylindersInert Gas Fire Suppression Systems have the best credentials in relation to the environment. They consist of up to naturally occurring gases namely Nitrogen, Argon and CO2 and can be used in a number of different mixture, for more information see our Inert Gas page. Inert Gas is very flexible in that it can protect multiple rooms and also be stored at a relatively long distance from the Data Centre.

Inert Gas Fire Suppression Agents unfortunately take up quite a large amount of space in comparison to other Agents. This is because they are store as gases at high pressure and therefore are not very efficient in terms of storage space. The high pressure they are stored at also means that you must fit Over Pressure Vents to ensure during a discharge the building is not damaged.


FM200 CylindersFM200 was the main replacement for Halon when Halon was banned for use as a Fire suppression Agent. This agent is commonly called a Clean Chemical Agent and is a cost effective Fire Suppression Agent and because it is stored as a liquid (but discharged as a gas) it has small footprint in comparison to Inert Gas Fire Suppression Systems.

FM200 is not as environmentally friendly as Inert Gas and Novec 1230 as it has an Atmospheric Lifespan of up to 36 years this of course can be offset from the fact that you would only be discharging FM200 during a fire and therefore the environmental impact of a fire would be much greater than the FM200.

Novec 1230

Novec 1230 CylindersNovec 1230 is the newest of the normally used Fire Suppression Agents used in Data Centres and is similar to FM200 in that it is much more efficient storage than Inert Gas Agents as it is stored as a liquid and discharged as a gas. Novec 1230 is much more environmentally friendly than FM200 in that its Atmospheric Lifespan is just 3-5 days.

It requires slightly more agent by weight than FM200 and is also quite a bit more expensive but good things don’t come cheap.

Effective Fire Detection

VESDA Fire Suppression Control PanelFire Suppression is only one half of the Active Fire Protection required to protect a Data Centre. Before one of the three Fire Suppression agents can be discharged you will need to be able to detect the fire first.

There are two main methods for fire detection systems in Data Centres, firstly standard Smoke Detectors installed throughout the room and VESDA Systems.

Standard Smoke Detectors are arranged to give protection in all areas of the Data Centre itself at a much reduced level of coverage at a maximum of 20m2 per detector.

This will mean that you need a much greater number of detectors than you would normally require and even more where the air speed is a lot quicker than normal. In addition, VESDA Systems are fitted to give an early warning of fire and are interfaced into the Fire Suppression Control Panel.

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