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Service Exchange Cylinders

The Term Service Exchange is a generic term used within the industry to describe the process of replacing your existing cylinders and valves with refurbished ones and your cylinders are removed for refurbishment for someone else. This is the most cost efficient, timesaving and safest way to ensure your cylinders are replaced whether it is for 10 Year Servicing or refilling. This ensures that the amount of time the fire suppression system will be inoperable will be kept to the minimum.

Why Is Service Exchange Cost Effective?

It is cost effective because it will usually involve just one delivery and one engineers visit to site. This is because your existing cylinders will be removed on the day ready for the service exchange cylinders to replace them. The transport will therefore remove your old cylinders for refurbishment for someone else.

How Does It Save Time?

This is the most time saving method because most changeovers will be done the same day or even if over a few days your Fire Suppression System will be off only during the time we are working on the system

Why Is It Safer To Use Service Exchange Than Other Methods?

This is the safest method because if your cylinders are removed for testing and then returned you will not have an operational system for as long as the cylinders are being tested for which can be anything from 10-20 days.

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