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Concept Fire Suppression Product Line

A fire can spell the end of a company and although in many cases detecting it will be sufficient there are assets which create a larger risk either by design (diesel generators, restaurant kitchens and computer rooms etc) or nature (metal fires) and should therefore be protected with active fire protection. Concept Fire Suppression offers a complete range of Fire Suppression products and systems so that we can protect all fire types. Server and Comms Rooms, diesel generators, restaurant kitchens, crusher plants, switch gear, electrical switch cabinets, pretty much any high value or high risk asset.

These assets can be protected using at least one fire suppression product and usually more than one giving clients the option of better environmental options, more efficient storage and or price. By dealing direct with the manufacturer or where we can’t as far up the line as we can, we ensure cost effective solutions direct to you.

At Concept Fire Suppression we believe that training as well as experience is key to ensuring your system is designed, installed and maintained correctly and that all the equipment is correctly sourced. Using state of the art detection devices or basic fusible links even the most sensitive equipment or harsh environment can be protected effectively and reliably. Control equipment that is easy to use as well as flexible ensures you the user can operate the system with confidence. As we are not tied to one manufacturer or product we won’t just be designing a system that fits our portfolio but a system that fits YOUR problem, YOUR budget and YOUR beliefs.


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