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Buckeye Kitchen Mister

Commercial Kitchen

Concept Fire Suppression Ltd Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression System by Buckeye uses a wet Chemical Agent called Kitchen Mister which ensures hot fat fires can be quickly suppressed within your kitchen. The Kitchen Mister agent is discharged over all the appliances and the filter plenum and extraction ducts. Appliances such as Hot Plates, Deep Fat Fryers and Grills all require protecting.

Because of the harsh conditions that kitchens operate under constantly heating up and cooling down as well as the presence of hot fat, Kitchen Mister uses Fusible Links which must be replaced every 6 months during routine maintenance visits. A fusible link is the most reliable way to operate systems within kitchens as they are not susceptible to false alarms etc.

Buckeye Kitchen Mister Systems comply with NFPA-17A Standard for Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems and NFPA-96 Standard for the Installation for the Removal of Smoke and Grease Laden Vapors from Commercial Cooking Equipment. As well as complying with the two NFPA Standards Kitchen Mister has also been tested by UL using the Standard UL300, Fire Extinguishing Systems for the Protection of Restaurant Cooking Areas as wells as LPCB’s LPS1223 for Fire Extinguishing Systems for Catering Equipment. This ensures the system has been rigorously tested by an independent third party.

Kitchen Mister Agent

Concept Fire suppression Ltd use Buckeye Kitchen Mister Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression agent as it is a high ph water based solution using potassium carbonate which can quickly knock down flames, steam then forms, cooling the fire and bringing down the temperature to stop re-ignition. The Kitchen Mister agent then form soap-like (saponification) layer over the hot fat which seals the fire from the oxygen supply.

The Kitchen Mister agent is store in 4 sizes, 5, 10, 15 and 20 flows and is pressurised to 15 bar using dry nitrogen to assist in helping the agent to discharge into the pipework and through the nozzles. The agent has a lifespan of 12 years but due to the cylinders requiring pressure testing after 10 years it is changed after 10 years within the UK and the EU.

Kitchen Mister Hardware

The Buckeye Kitchen Mister Fire Suppression System is a pre-engineered system which is designed to preset rules of system design which is set out within the Technical Manual and should not be deviated from to ensure the system will operate correctly within your kitchen.

The Kitchen Mister Agent is stored in 4 different sizes of cylinders to best meet your requirements as follows:

Kitchen Mister Cylinders

  • BFR-5
  • BFR-10
  • BFR-15
  • BFR-20

Our designers will base the cylinder and quantity of cylinders on the appliances and canopy size within your kitchen. Each appliance is designated one of five nozzles and each nozzle is either one or two flows and dependent upon the size of the appliance may require more than one nozzle to protect it. Using our unique in-house software calculates the flows and the correct cylinder or cylinders so that each system is accurately designed around your exact requirements.

To ensure your kitchen maintains the same look, feel and to ensure easy cleaning all pipework on show will be installed using stainless steel and all pipework hidden behind the filters or in a ceiling void will be black.

Automatic detection is provided on all systems using fusible links held on a wire under tension. Fusible links are provided in temperatures ranging from 107 degrees C to 221 degrees C to ensure you canopy is protected even when you are not there. The wire is protected using a metal conduit to protect it from damage and also to enhance the looks of the installation.

To ensure full protection to your staff, a Manual Pull Station is fitted so that at anytime during cooking, if a fire occurs staff can quickly and safely manually operate the system and put out the fire without putting themselves in danger.

Concept Fire Suppression Ltd will work closely with you to ensure the systems are installed to the correct standard and fully support and maintain systems after installation.

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