Sachin recently wrote with the following question, “How far we can keep the FM 200 cylinders from the Hazard?”

Here’s our answer:

We always advise keeping the cylinders as close as possible to the hazard. The distance will be dependent upon a number of things such as whether the system is 24 or 42 bars and how many bends etc. All system designs must be checked using the appropriate manufacturer’s software to ensure that too much agent is not left in the pipework and that the pressure at the nozzle does not drop too low. There are also issues to consider such as is the cylinder located on the same floor as the hazard. It doesn’t have to be on the same floor level but all manufacturers have limitations which are relatively low.

Also, remember that the pipework is not monitored for damage and if the pipework was damaged in any way and the system was discharging then the agent will be lost on the way to the hazard.

As a final couple of points, we always try to locate the cylinder either inside the hazard or at least adjacent to it, if you need to locate cylinders away from the hazard we always recommend using inert gas.

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