Rehan asked the question “why we use main and reserve cylinders in FM200 system, tell the function”?

There are a number of reasons for using main and reserve cylinders but these are not unique to FM200 but also apply to Inert Gas, NOVEC 1230 and CO2. So the reasons below apply to FM200 and all the others as well.

The most common reason we see is for clients to have a quick and easy way of getting the system up and running again in the event of the system triggering. This would mean that in the event of a fire and the system discharges the risk being protected can be brought straight back into use as soon as the reason for discharge has been identified and corrected.

Another reason would be for the client to have a second set of cylinders to discharge in the event of a fire if the fire is fully extinguished. Dependent upon the risk and the setup there could be a case for re-ignition of the fire and this would give them a second chance to extinguish it.

In both of the above examples above we have assumed that the cylinders are permanently connected to the pipework and detection system. A simple switch would be used to change the solenoid activation from one set of cylinders to another.

We have also provided clients with a set of unconnected reserve cylinders whereby they would need to disconnect the discharged ones and reconnect the reserve ones. Again this is usually so the client can get the system back up and running again quickly and the discharge cylinders are then sent away for refilling.

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