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Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems for Commercial Kitchens

Typical Commercial Kitchen

Even on a good day, commercial kitchens are difficult places to work because of the extremes of heat and the constant risk of hot fat. A Kitchen Fire Suppression System designed to put out a fire with water or gas would be very difficult if not downright dangerous. Protecting commercial kitchens requires a Fire Suppression Agent that will not only cool the heat, but also remove the oxygen for a period by coating the hot surfaces.

Automatic Detection

Fusible Link Fusible links are installed behind the filters within the Plenum. This is to protect yourself from a fire that burns away after you leave the kitchen. The fusible links are replaced every 6 months during maintenance visits to keep the system reliable. The last thing you need during food service is a discharge of the agent!

Manual Operation

Remote Pull Station The Remote Pull Station allows the Kitchen Fire Suppression to be operated manually, and is fitted in a safe and convenient place away from the cooking range. Staff can manually operate the system if a fire occurred during cooking.

Wet Chemical Agent

Kitchen Suppression System Cylinders

Fat and grease fires in commercial kitchens are tackled with Wet Chemical Agents. They work in a two fold nature. The liquid helps cool the fire, and the chemical forms a layer on top to cut off oxygen (saponification), thereby putting the fire out.

The agent needs to remain in place until the area has cooled to ensure re-ignition does not occur, and then the cleanup can begin.

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