Kitchen Fire Suppression

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems for Commercial Kitchens

Pyro-Chem Kitchen Knight II

Commercial kitchens at the best of times are very difficult places to work with extremes of heat, putting out a fire with water or gas would be very difficult if not down right dangerous. Protecting commercial kitchens therefore takes a Fire Suppression Agent that will not only cool the heat but will also remove the oxygen for a period of time coating the hot surfaces.

Automatic Detection

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems - KKII Fusible Link

To provide automatic detection as well as manual operation Fusible Links are fitted behind the filters within the plenum to protect against a fire burning away after you have left the kitchen. Fusible links are replaced every six months to ensure they are reliable due to the high temperatures the last thing you need during food service is a discharge of the agent!!

Kitchen Fire SuppressionManual Operation

Manual Operation of a  Kitchen Fire Suppression is provided by a Remote Pull Station which is fitted in a safe convenient place away from the cooking range and allows for personnel to discharge the agent if a fire is discovered before the fusible links operate.

Wet Chemical Agent

KKII Kitchen Fire Suppression System Cylinders

Fat and grease fires in commercial kitchens are tackled with Wet Chemical Agents which work in a two fold nature, the liquid helps to cool the fire and the chemical forms a layer on top to cut off oxygen (saponification), thereby putting the fire out.

The agent needs to remain in place until the area has cooled to ensure re-ignition does not occur. Once the fire has been suppressed and the area has cooled the clean up can then begin.

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