International Firex is always a good time to meet new and old suppliers, friends and acquaintances and to see what the Fire Industry has to offer and this year was no different. I find visiting on a Monday is the best day, although it’s International Day but this time it did seem quieter than normal.

Here are just a few of the things I saw:

Fike is launching the new FM200 valve called Impulse. This valve means that we no longer have a pilot cylinder to activate the solenoid, it is purely an electrical actuation system. A new Impulse box now sits beside the cylinder which takes in the connections from the solenoid, discharge pressure switch and the low pressure switch making it a much neater installation. Although FM200 is taking a bit of a pounding when it comes to Fire Suppression Agents due to the recent price rises there is no doubt that we and Fike Fire Protection Systems are still very commited to FM200.

Fike are also launching ProInert 2 which continues on from the highly successful ProInert that we promote as our preferred choice of Inert Gas Fire Suppression Agent. It retains the highly effective patented valve giving a constant flow which allows us to use smaller pipework as well as smaller Over Pressure Vents. Again Fike have removed the need for the pilot cylinder making the actuation totally electrical at the first cylinder.

ProInert 2 as well as retaining the IG55 blend (50% Nitrogen and 50% Argon) we can also now offer IG541 (Nitrogen, Argon & CO2), IG100 (100% Nitrogen) and IG01 (100% Argon). Each Fire Suppression Agent is of course the ultimate in environmental Agents as they occur naturally in the atmosphere.

Both Impulse and ProInert 2 systems are great improvements on already great products.

Tyco continues to provide a full range of Fire Suppression Agents through the Hygood brand from FM200 and Inert Gas to the 3M’s Novec 1230 Fire Suppression Agents. On display was Novec 1230 in a demonstration tank with an LCD Display still plugged in and switch on showing that that agent does not conduct electricity. Also to the side was a candle that is extinguished when agent gas is let into the chamber, Novec 1230 is great to demonstrate as can be seen on the video

Tyco was also showing off the new CO2 system which made the actuation much simpler using just an electrical solenoid with a built in booster. CO2 as a Fire Suppression Agent is still an effective and flexible agent as it can be used for both Total Flood (protecting a complete room or cabinet) and Local Application (protecting the equipment itself e.g. Print Machine). This improvement makes Tyco’s CO2 system not only simple to install but also cost effective.

Aquasonic is another new product from Tyco which can supplied built into a skid or for fixing to a wall. The skid option seems to be the best option as the system can be supplied complete, cutting down on the installation time. But it depends on the space you have and how flexible that space is. Water Mist manufacturers are still getting to grips with the new standards but Tyco have taken the leap and I am sure that this will be another highly successful Fire Suppression Agent and system.

Kentec have been marketing there new intelligent control panel Taktis for the last few weeks via e-mail. Although not something that interests us at the moment as there are distance visions of this being used as a Fire Suppression Control Panel it really is easy to use with some fantastic if not long asked for features.

The Sigma XT and Synchro XT are standard issue from us and long may they continue to do the job they do so well. It’s a pity that the Synchro XT was fully approved but it’s just something we have to put up with for a bit longer!

Hochiki also continue to provide great relaible detectors ensuring that our systems are reliable in both detecting a fire as well as preventing false discharges. It was always our intention to ensure that our products as well as being competitive for our customers were always the most reliable.

AFP Air Technologies were showing the Inert Gas Over Pressure Vents as well as the DuFlow range for the Clean Chemical Agents such as FM200 and Novec 1230.

Although we were aware of the issues regarding Inert Gas with Over Presure (as it is even part of the standards) we have all been very blasé about Clean Chemical Agents. The issues of positive pressure and negative pressure presented AFP with a challenge to provide a single vent that will operate both ways and they look like they cracked it.

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