Do as I do on YouTube, says fire chief landlord – VIDEO

A new YouTube video promoting the use of mains powered smoke alarms stars a residential landlord – who also happens to be chairman of a fire authority.

Mark Healey, chairman of Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Authority and Fire Kills national advocate for the private and social rented sector, features in the video which shows that there is much more to a landlord’s responsibility than just fitting smoke alarms and then forgetting about them.

The video was produced by the Department for Communities and Local Government in partnership with smoke alarm manufacturer, Aico.

“As a landlord myself, I know how important it is to install working smoke alarms in the properties I am responsible for,” said Mr Healey. “I am therefore pleased to have been asked to help support the government’s Fire Kills campaign and urge all landlords to consider installing either 10-year battery alarms, or hard-wired detectors in their properties.”

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