US Bakery plant flash fire injures workers

Sara Leed Bakery ExplosionTwo workers have been injured after a fire at a Sara Lee bakery plant.

The incident happened at the site, in Laurel County, Kentucky, USA on Thursday 15 September.

An explosion and fire occurred at the plant as a worker was cleaning out a flour silo, according to a local media report. The injured worker was taken to hospital while his colleague received first aid treatment.

A spokesperson for Sara Lee said: “The Bakery Sanitation Company, an independent operator, was performing routine maintenance at the Sara Lee fresh bakery facility. At approximately 11pm, the crew experienced a flash fire, causing one person to be taken to the hospital and another to receive on-site first aid.

“Sara Lee is cooperating with the fire department, the Bakery Sanitation Company and others on the ongoing investigation into the cause of the fire.”

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