Combined Extract & Over Pressure Vent

Fire Suppression Systems – Smoke Exhaust Fans Interfacing

Rami recently asked the question “Can I use the sounder circuit to trigger smoke exhaust fans via relay?” to our Ask The Expert on Our expert answered as follows:- Unfortunately I can’t see how you could do this at the correct time as you would only need to operate the exhaust fans after a fire has been extinguished as…

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Kentec 3 Zone Extinguishant Control Panel

BMS points list and schedule of operation for the IG55 Gas Suppression

We were recently asked via our “Ask The Expert” for a list of items that you could connect to a Building Management System (BMS) to monitor a Fire Suppression and Detection System. Here is the answer we e-mailed, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to post them below or contact us via “Ask the Expert” Q Thank…

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Concept Fire Suppression Ltd

FIREX 2011 – Fire Suppression Guide

International Firex is always a good time to meet new and old suppliers, friends and acquaintances and to see what the  Fire Industry has to offer and this year was no different. I find visiting on a Monday is the best day, although it’s International Day but this time it did seem quieter than normal. Here are just a few…

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Fm200 – Still going strong

FM200 – Still going strong! In our last post we looked at the news that Du-Pont were increasing the price of FM200 and as it turned out it was a very substantial rise approximately 40% per Kg! Although this came a bit of a shock for the industry (me included), as prices have been decreasing over the years, what practical…

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Novec 1230 Logo

Is this the end of FM200 as we know it?

Is this the end of FM200 as we know it? Please note that this is an old post and we have now written a new one based on information from 1st January 2018 please click this link to read it. With the recent announcement from Du Pont that due to a shortage of raw materials, the price of FM200 is…

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Fire Cost Analysis Report

Although statistics are showing that fires are decreasing year on year the worrying factor is that insurance costs are rising at an alarming rate. In fact a recent article show that the first quarter of 2009 there has been a year on year rise of 17%! Click here to download Fire Cost Analysis Report Report published by FRMJOUNAL.COM