Server Room Fire Suppression Systems

Server RoomOffice technology is everywhere nowadays and with the reliance on this technology at an all time high it is imperative that you not only protect you data from unwanted eyes and unwanted programmers but also from physical destruction.

We have all witnessed our e-mails, websites and communications not working due to maintenance, faults or some other type of error. The frustration even for a short term outage is enough to wonder why we have become so reliant on technology, but we are.

Now imagine that outage for a day, week or even a month!

If you are an IT Director/Manager or the person responsible for the running of your companies technology everyone will be looking at you at these times. Make sure you make the right decisions!

Server Room Fire Suppression is critical to your business don’t hope something won’t happen!

What Fire Suppression do I need?

Fire has disastrous effect on pretty much everything it comes into contact with especially your electronic systems and storage devices. Detecting the fire is no longer enough because by the time the Fire Service arrive your Sever or Comms Room contents will be completely damaged or worse still your offices as well.

To protect your server room you need to ensure the fire is extinguished quickly, effectively and have no additional clean up that you will get with water.

Concept Fire Suppression Ltd will provide you with the two main effective products namely:-

Inert Gas
Clean Chemical Agents

Inert Gas

ProInert IG55Inert gases are used as a single gas such as Nitrogen, a mixture of two such as IG55 or three gases namely Nitrogen, Argon and CO2 which is called INERGEN® (IG541).

Inert Gas Systems are the ultimate in environmental products as the gases occur naturally in the atmosphere and therefore when discharged back into the atmosphere do not create any additional issues.

Hypoxic Air

FirePass Hypoxic Air SystemsAs an alternative to Inert Gas systems such as Hypoxic Air work on the basis of keeping the Oxygen content down below 15% by volume to ensure that a fire cannot even start. Therefore no damage can occur and is even more of an active solution than detecting fire and then putting it out.

Clean Chemical Agents


We have two main Clean Chemical Agents FM200 and Novec 1230. In fact Halon before it was banned was a Clean Chemical Agent but due to it being Ozone Depleting it had to be removed from use.

FM200 is the most widely replacement for Halon and is used across the world to protect Server Rooms and Data Centres. It is relatively inexpensive, effective and readily available.

NoveNovec 1230 Cylindersc 1230 is know as it’s more environmental cousin. Novec 1230 was introduced by 3M as a greener alternative due to FM200 and has done very well over the last few years.

All the agents have there own advantages and disadvantages, for a more in depth look at Server Room why not visit our individual product page links or contact us directly.