There are many different types of applications for Fire Suppression Systems, too many to list individually but we have put together the most popular ones.

Concept Fire Suppression Ltd experience in both detection and suppression ensures the integration between detecting the fire and then suppressing it is seamless. This ensures that your most valuable assets are properly protected to ensure the future of your business.

Our greatest specialisation is with Server Rooms and Restaurant Kitchens, worlds apart in terms of applications one is clean and controlled the other harsh with naked flames, but similar in principal reliably detecting the fire and using the appropriate fire suppression agent to extinguish the fire.

Server Rooms

Data and communications are so integrated within all businesses nowadays that the loss even for a few minutes is extremely costly in both actual costs and potential losses. Here we show what detection is available, what suppression agents we have available along with things to remember that are linked to protecting a server room.

Restaurant Kitchens

With nearly 50 fires a week recorded in restaurants, cafes and hostels it suprising how many commercial kitchens remain uprotected risking both the prople who work within them and the business itself. There are not many products upto the job of protecting commercial kitchens and some critical issues like switching of the gas supply usually get missed!

More applications to come.